Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions that you might want to take a look at before booking your trip!


The Right Choice for Me?

What makes the right choice for you is the combination of off road motorbike training and the incredible scenery around the 50,000 acre estate.  You can see stunning Loch Fyne, majestical mountains, reservoirs, dams, wind farms, beautiful gardens, stunning vistas, sea eagles, wild deer, buzzards, seals, Inveraray castle – you might want to hire one of our helmet cameras or bring a digital camera to capture your memories!

Men and women of all ages (with a motorbike licence) are all welcome.  It definitely helps to be reasonably fit as off road biking gets the blood pumping on many different levels!

If you want to experience off road motorbiking with like-minded people, where the pace is at your level and the setting is breathtaking, then is the right choice for you!

Do I Need A Full Motorbike Licence?

You need a minimum of "C.B.T."  - Compulsory Bike Training certificate – this is compulsory as the trail riding can include using the public highway to link tracks/trails.  In the future we may offer other courses for other types of licence holders or non licence holders if there is sufficient demand.

Do I Need To Bring My Bike Licence?

Yes! For our courses, we use public roads to connect some of our tracks and trails.  To join a course, you must supply us with the plastic part of your driving licenceif you do not have a plastic part (i.e. you only have a paper part, then you must bring this instead of the plastic driving license card. In some countries/regions, (e.g. Northern Ireland) where you need a paper and plastic driving license, then you must bring both these parts.

Failure to supply the above will mean you cannot join a course.

What Experience Do I Need?

There are a range of training courses to meet your needs.  From novice to experienced, we aim to set the terrains, pace and challenges to meet your level and give you an experience that will have you grinning ear to ear and memories to last a lifetime.  Please see our range of current courses available or tailor your own course!

What Bike(s) Will I Ride?

We offer a combination of  SWM & AJP trail/enduro bikes and some dual purpose/adventure motorbikes (typically up to 650cc). Our customer preference is to be provided with lighter weighted motorbikes which are easier to manage and control, safer, etc. - we have reflected this in the brands and models of bikes we provide for the courses.

The AJP models we curently have in use at the centre include: -

1 x PR3 125cc air cooled (suitable for a CBT rider - "L" plates available) - this is a 3/4 frame bike with 17" rear and 19" front wheel and would suit a smaller rider
1 x PR3 240cc air cooled - this is a 3/4 frame bike with 17" rear and 19" front wheel and would suit a smaller rider
1 x PR3 200cc air cooled - this is a 3/4 frame bike with 18" rear and 21" front wheel and would suit an average sized rider
1 x PR4 240cc (lowered) air cooled - this is a lowered full frame bike with 18" rear and 21" front wheel and would suit an average sized rider
1 x PR4 240cc air cooled (Extreme Enduro) - this is a full frame bike with 18" rear and 21" front wheel and would suit a taller rider
1 x PR5 250cc liquid cooled - this is an enduro, full frame bike with 18" rear and 21" front wheel and would suit a taller rider

A lowline seat is available for all the above bikes if required.

The SWM models we curently have in use at the centre include: -

2 x SWM RS300R 300cc liquid cooled - this is an enduro, full frame bike with 18" rear and 21" front wheel and would suit a taller rider
1 x SWM RS650R 600cc liquid cooled - this is an enduro, full frame bike with 18" rear and 21" front wheel and would suit a taller rider
1 x SWM Superdual "Adventure" - this is a dual purpose bike with 17" rear and 19" front wheel and would suit a average to taller rider

We endeavour to fit customers to the right size of bike for your comfort and confidence. With more and more lightweight dual purpose/adventure motorbikes becoming available, we constantly assess the best choices of models to meet our customer demands. Please contact us should you require more information on the current models available in our fleet.

We supply the latest bikes and are passionate about keeping them well maintained for your enjoyment and safety. 

N.B. Bike choices and variations are subject to change by availability/suitability/demand and specific brands/models cannot be guaranteed.

What Time Does the Training Start and End? will email you an itinerary which confirms timings, what to bring and all the things you are likely to need to know before you arrive. Normally courses start around 9.00am and finish around 3.30pm - this will be confirmed in your booking confirmation itinerary when you make a booking.

How Do You Manage Safety?

Off road motorbiking (like on road biking) can be hazardous. At, your safety is paramount.  We aim to balance professional skill development with safety and enjoyment.

It is possible you may come off the bike, however, this is more likely at slow speed on softer ground. 

All our customers need to either complete our Level 1 or Level 2 training in order to be allowed out on to the estate – our safety levels include:-

  • You will receive comprehensive safety guidance sheets prior to the training to read through and give advance tips and techniques
  • Safety briefing from an A.C.U. instructor before any instruction takes place
  • Safe bike operation instruction
  • Off road safety clothing and kit is supplied from a specialist company
  • The motorbikes are the latest enduro style bikes
  • The motorbikes are modified to make them suitable for off road use, e.g. knobbly tyres, etc.
  • Motorbikes are checked daily for safe operation and kept maintained at all times
  • You are always accompanied and lead by an A.C.U. instructor
  • Instructors are full H.S.E. 3 day first aid qualified and carry suitable first aid supplies has a written health and safety policy, an emergency action plan and carries out regular risk assessments on the tracks, trails, riding conditions, obstacles, etc.. 


Do I Need Insurance?

Motor sport, by its very nature, is a dangerous activity – both on and off road. recommends you have suitable insurance to provide for any accident. also recommends wearing suitable clothing and kit including A.C.U.helmet (EC2205) and motorcross boots.

Ultimately, you are in control of your motorbike and how you drive it.  By following instruction and keeping yourself in check with clutch, throttle and brake control, you can minimise the possibilities of an accident – prevention is better than the cure after all!

What If I Break the Bike? recognises and accepts that the bikes can have minor damage caused by the activity.  Where reckless or careless driving causes excessive damage, you will be charged for repairs.  Please treat our bikes as you would your own – thank you.

Can I Use My Own Bike?

Only by advanced arrangement with who will confirm this in writing. The bike will have to be road legal with an M.O.T. certificate (if required), current road tax, set up correctly for off roading, in suitable running condition and you will need to be insured (proof will be required from your insurer) for off road activity.

Can I Bring Spectators?

In simple answer, no.  With an amazing 50,000 acres, they are unlikely to see you and we do not wish to increase any risks. Definitely bring friends, family and loved ones on your trip here though!  There is so much to see and do – see our important information for your stay page for ideas!

Who Are the Instructors?

Please have a look at the instructors page to see our instructors.

How Should I Expect Others to Conduct Themselves? welcomes safe riders who can control a motorbike and respect other riders. will take action on anyone who drives unsafely including removing dangerous drivers from the training course.

We are thankful to advise this is very rare as our customers appreciate the training / environment and want to have a great time with us!

What Do I Wear? loves simplicity and cares that you don’t have to worry about bringing your own kit as well as your own luggage.  We provide the following safety wear/kit (free of charge) for the training: -

  • A.C.U. standard Enduro helmet (sizes XS(54cm – XXL (64cm)) (to EC2205)
  • Adjustable goggles (if required)
  • Body armour (sizes S - XXL)
  • Thin cloth motocross gloves (to provide feel of bike controls) (sizes XS- XXL)
  • Adjustable knee pads
  • Enduro boots (sizes 34 – 48 (UK 2-13))
  • Outer waterproof pants (sizes S- XXL)
  • Outer waterproof jacket (sizes S - XXL)

You should bring under clothing (e.g. thermal, fleeces, etc.) to keep you warm/cool depending on the time of year.  Layers are best as they can be added or removed.

In warmer weather, e.g. summer time, you may wish to consider bringing your own lightweight textiles or lightweight protective pants as these will help minimise sweating.

We recommend you bring your own helmet in case our helmet shape doesn't fit your head shape providing it meets the safety standards.

Remember, this is a physically demanding activity and there could be moments when you are active and hot and conversely times when you are inactive and cooling down.

You can also order new kit to be collected or delivered from the Wulfsport range - we are a Wulfsport retail outlet.

Can I Bring My Own Kit?

Yes – providing the helmet conforms to EC2205 and you have full ankle protection from Motocross boots.

I'm an Experienced Rider/Off Roader - Can I Skip Level 1 or 2?

Your safety is paramount and we will only allow customers to ride on the estate with us who are completing/have completed our Level 1 course.  If you have completed off road training elsewhere, you may have to complete our Level 1 unless we are satisfied that your training is suitable – in all cases, will make the final decision.